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Hey everyone, since the Windows build-bot has been down for the last 9 months, I've taken it upon myself to figure out how to compile the source code. If you're looking for the newest version of OpenJK, you can find a link in the full text.

Remember you should always visit the official build release page first to check if there is an official windows build available there, first. Once the build-bot is resolved, you'll no longer have to check here for them.
Greetings everyone, I'm Tzu and I'll be your tour guide into this universe. It is a universe I have dreamed of creating for 10 years, and one that - through the help of some very awesome and dedicated friends - is finally coming into fruition. Join me in the full article, where I will walk you through what exactly is Shattered Worlds...
Before posting to Discord, this forum, or asking a staff member for help, if you are having an issue with the game crashing, glitching out, doing very strange or unexpected things, and so on, follow these steps:

We have officially finalized the SWU staff. We're very excited and hope this will make everything run very smoothly now that we've officially opened our doors to the public.

Staff positions break down into Senior and Junior staff roles. Senior Staff are directly in charge of all content management and infrastructure. Junior Staff assist with content creation, resource management and development, and policy enforcement. The senior staff roles are broad, whereas the junior staff roles are more specialized. Note that members can hold any number of staff roles, as the majority

Our current staff are as follows:

Senior Staff

Tzu - (Lead) Content Coordinator
Sylvir Ba'al - Content Coordinator
Nuhallis - Content Advisor​

Junior Staff

Thalex - Narrator, Content Developer
Aemat - Narrator, Resource Manager
Anarhan - Narrator, Living World Coordinator
Vynn - Content Developer​

This staff list was last updated on: 28 April, 2017

Please congratulate everyone on their hard work and please start directing your questions to the appropriate staff member(s) when possible. Thanks to everyone who is making this dream a reality!
Hello to all you long-established Jedi and Sith clans out there in JK land. We want to talk to you!

We're Shattered Worlds RP Group, a community of gamers and role-players in Jedi Knight that have this really cool website, server, story, and awesome members. You're an established group of gamers who like to socialize, train, and compete. Some of our members also like to socialize, train, and compete! In fact some of them are experienced trainers with years of experience in virtually every JK environment. We bet you have some people who enjoy the roleplaying elements of your clan. We have a lot of people who really enjoy telling stories. Also, we respect your clans and all the hard work they've done to build the JK community over the years!

So let's work together. We have some great ideas for you, and we're open to hearing yours! Just click on this message to read them!